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replica Purse A council tax rise is on the cards for Cambridge but it’s not all bad newsPlans include new homes, a new city district and much moreHundreds of new council homes, a new city district, cleaner air address , and help for Cambridge’s homeless are all priorities as the city council looks to agree a budget for the coming year.There are also proposals in Cambridge City Council’s 2019/20 budget to help make the city’s Shopmobility service free again, and to bring entertainment trust Cambridge Live back under council stewardship.In 2019 20, Cambridge City Council is hoping to make savings and additional income to contribute about to the council’s annual budget of about million.This will be the first year the city council has had to do without its core government grant funding which has declined from million five years ago to zero in April 2019. The council will, instead, have to fund services through business rates, paid services, and council tax, which is likely to go up by three per cent.Read MoreCambridge City CouncilDespite this, Cllr Richard Robertson, executive councillor for finance and resources, says the council remains committed to looking after the city’s most vulnerable residents.Cllr Robertson said: “Although from 2019 we will not receive any core government grant at all, our proposals will protect and improve services for all residents, particularly for the most vulnerable.”The full detail of the general fund budget setting report will be considered by the city council’s strategy and resources scrutiny committee on February 11. An “alternative budget” with amendments and suggestions from the Lib Dems is expected in the coming weeks.Here are some of the things that could be in store:Council tax going up In the absence of the core government funding https://www.dolabuy.ru , council tax for the city council is likely to go up. replica Purse

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